Friday, March 11, 2011

Daifukumochi and pastries from France

So as you might have guessed the daifuku experiment didn't go very well, I actually tried two different kinds but none of them were what I thought they would be.

The recipe (if you'll want to try your luck) is from a Swedish food magazine called Gourmet

Daifukumochi filled with ice cream

The original recipe includes an ice cream recipe but I used bought ice cream instead.
This dough is prepared in an microwave oven
You'll need;
2 1/2 dl glutinous rice flour
1 3/4 dl water
1/2 dl caster sugar
2 tsp vanilla sugar or 1/2 of a vanilla bean
2 tbsp Maizena (cornstarch)

Mix together flour and water in a glass bowl, ad sugar and vanilla. Cover with clingfilm and nuke for 2 minutes, stir and then put the film back on and nuke for another 30 seconds.
Take of the clingfilm from the bowl, cover a chopping-board with clingfilm and dust it with half of the maizena.

Turn the dough in maizena and let it cool on the chopping-board, turnover after half an hour. Put the dough in a plastic bag and rest in the fridge for 1/2-1 hour until it has a good consistency for rolling out.

Divide the dough into 10 pieces and roll out each pieces to a circle. Take out one piece of ice cream at the time and bake into the dough and put it in the freezer.

When eating this version of the daifuku it reminded me of eating frozen chalk. The other version I divided the recipe and exchanged some of the water with cherry liqueur, instead of using ice cream I filled them with a vanilla custard/cream and fresh plums and instead of freezing them I steamed them for about 15-30 minutes. But that wasn't really good either, better but not good.

I've been trying to figure out what went wrong and I believe it's a combination of things; first I'm not sure I had the right flour, second the recipe isn't so good I had to read in a Japanese cookbook to find out how thick the dough should be and thirdly my microwave is getting old and has been declining...

funny pictures - i kant git nooo satizfakshun, I kantz git nooo satizfakshun, cuz i tri and i tri and i tri and i tri... i kant git no, NO NO NO
Lolcats and funny pictures,

On another note, my mother was recently in France and brought home some french pastries so I have finally had the opportunity to try real macarons and madeleine-cakes. They were all really good and with a cup of tea I was in heaven, unfortunately I don't have any recipes to them but I do have pictures.

These last few months have not been so good for me or Herbert, I've failed with most (if not all) things I've tried to bake and Herbert has had a lot to do with school and spring is never a good time for us. But I promise you I'll be better from now on I already have new ideas for projects. Until then

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

No satisfaction

I can't get no, I can't get no satisfaction, cause I try and I try and I try
As of lately all my baking has gone wrong not one single thing I've tried has come out with success, this is the reason for my nonexistent posting...

You might think it's a lame excuse but there really hasn't been anything worth your time, today however I'm attempting to make mochi a dessert from Japan and no matter what the outcome will be I promise to post about it, so later today you'll know if I managed to brake the curse of pastries.

Until tonight, have a great day everyone!